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December 20, 2006
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STAMPEDDD by Bleeding-Dragon STAMPEDDD by Bleeding-Dragon
This year I wish a Merry Christmas to everybody with this small gift, a True Type font!
This is a stamp-looking font for your crazy needs.

Full Hungarian language support!
Teljes magyar nyelvű készlet! (Habár nincs kifejezett különbség az ékezetes betűk között, úgyhogy végülis teljesen mindegy. =P)

You may sell prints which contain these characters, but contact me first for commercial use.
But you may not sell, re-distribute or upload to any site or media this font and characters.

Other resources by me:
Japanese brushes
10 old paper texture
Night of the Spirits
MAXIMUM Splash Set (2000+ size brush)
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Thanks for making it Hungarian!
MortuusDiabolus May 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hú, ez valami nagyon szuper betűtípus!
Ezer köszönet érte! :):+fav:
great font, used it here: [link]
Onigamegeek Sep 25, 2009
downloaded and easy to install, all I had to do was copy and paste into my Font's folder under windows and windows automatically installed it. This will come in handy in future college projects.
Can i ask you smth? How do i use this font? It looks great but i don't know how or where i can use it (i've never done this before, use a font made by someone). Could you help me with a few guidelines? I'm fairly new to this stuff.
And also, could i use this font on a website? It's not for profit, it's for a student NGO project. Of course i would credit you for the great job. I would appreciate an answer soon. Thank you.
Sorry for the extremely late answer - my schedule is physically destroyed...
And, the answer (if nobody has answered): Hit the "Download" button left to the Preview image. After you've downloaded the file with your browser's help, go to Start menu -> Control Panel -> Fonts, and in the new window there should be File -> Install new Fonts... (or something similar like that).
Browse where you've downloaded the font file to, and install it.
Hope it was clear enough, if not, please tell - I try to respond faster next time.

Yes, you may use this font, just send me a link where you've used it, as I'm curious how it looks. :D

Again, sorry for the late answer...
awesome font! I really like
Thanks - have fun using it!
X-Akiko-X Aug 21, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Downloaded; thanks!
Looks very cool, I've been looking for something like this
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